Entertaining guests on West Lake in Hangzhou in traditional fashion.

Windsurfers practising on Xihu, Hangzhou before the Olympic Games.

Hangzhou-ese relaxing at West Lake on Sunday afternoon.

Traditional boatmen looking for business on Xihu as they have for many centuries.

Early morning on The Bund, Shanghai

A new view of Western Diseases in 2014

Western diseases (or lifestyle diseases) are those characteristic of Western societies, such as US, UK and Europe. They include heart disease, type 1 diabetes mellitus, inflammatory bowel diseases, autoimmune diseases, etc. and a whole range of conditions that are consequences of obesity e.g. varicose veins, hiatus hernia, inguinal hernia, haemorrhoids, etc. This site suggests a new explanation for these common diseases.

In this view – “the autonomic denervation view” – these diseases, largely, result from injuries to autonomic nerves. These are the nerves that control our organs – they are not under our voluntary control. Injuries to these nerves result from simple, day-to-day events such as physical efforts (straining) to achieve defaecation, childbirth, surgery, and direct trauma. A short explanation presented at the Retired Fellows meeting, RCOG in November 2013 is available¬†here (Sightseeing in Hangzhou, Shanghai & Wenzhou). The second half (Clinical Matters) is available here. This material is intended for viewing by ¬†gynaecologists and other doctors.

The images in the slider are from Hangzhou and Shanghai where much of the research was undertaken.